Monday, August 25, 2014

What to Expect From Your Divorce Attorneys

At some point you may find your marriage on the rocks and the only option is to legally separate in a divorce. This is an unpleasant time for both parties and can increase stress levels and it's exceptionally difficult to eliminate emotion from the process.

Unfortunately these cases can get nasty, even with couples who have both agreed this is the best solution, which is why it's imperative you get a divorce attorney that will work for you and help you get through the process with a good resolution in the end.

Your lawyer should be there for you, they should be sympathetic to the situation at hand and help you identify the best options available for a resolution. A divorce attorney understands the steps in this type of process in the state where you reside, so they can go through the steps with you, providing you with a realistic case assessment on what to expect.

The hardest thing to agree on as a couple going through this process is who gets what and child custody is often one of the biggest fights in any settlement. Whether you have already discussed and agreed on anything, the paperwork should be drawn up or checked over thoroughly by your lawyer before you put pen to paper and sign anything.

Your divorce attorneys should be available to answer all your questions. Before you visit your lawyer's office, write down any questions you may have. It's advisable to keep a pen and paper handy and as you think of a question write it down. As mentioned before this is an exceptionally emotional experience and it's easy to forget the questions you want answered about your case when sitting across from your lawyer. Having them written down means you can have them all answered, you may even want to write down the answers to go through later when you are feeling a little more relaxed.

Divorce attorneys specialize in this type of law and they are able to advise you on the best options to take regarding your particular case. They may even recommend a number of resolution options, such as arbitration or mediation if you and your partner cannot come to some form of compromise. This can help you come to an agreement where a fair solution is agreed on and the case can continue forward and be closed in the shortest period of time.

As your lawyer, they are responsible in protecting your best interests and ensuring you get a good resolution, without walking away with nothing. When you have spent your life with someone and built a home together, you slowly build up assets that will need to be shared out, enabling you both to have some assets to help you going. If you are parents of young children, child support will have to be agreed on, ensuring the children don't suffer because you have both separated.

Your divorce attorney will go through all the assets you both own and prepare any custody orders. It is imperative that you remember that a divorce can be very difficult for a child, so don't drag them into this, rather keep them sheltered from the proceedings as much as you can and come to an agreement where you can both spend time with the children, ensuring that they aren't affected by the separation.

When you choose a divorce attorney, ensure that they will accompany you to any court hearings that may take place. This is essential because this is where your partner will be with their lawyer, often the two lawyers will discuss the terms and it's important that you are both present.

In addition to this, your lawyer will be responsible for informing you of any new developments, reducing delays in the case and helping resolve issues to ensure a resolution in the shortest period of time.

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