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Is There Such Thing As Grandparents' Rights?

Let me repeat the question. Is there really such thing as grandparents' rights? The answer is yes. Family lawyers are very familiar with this as they often meet these kinds of issues in their years of profession handling various family cases. Yes, they do have rights, but these rights are not full, and they are not secure of a specific period when such rights are effective or less discussed in court. This is because grandparents still need to appeal to qualify to specific a condition that writes in the law to have access for visitation and custody to their grandchildren. Naturally, biological parents have absolute rights to their children, but within a given circumstance, these rights are changing in favor to grandparents. How does this happen?

Frankly, you will need a family lawyer for this. If you are a grandparent and you want to appeal to get access to your grandchildren, know that there are two kinds of grandparents' rights that you can choose. It depends on the kind of appeal you file in court. Ask your family lawyer, which appeal suits best for you. Do you want to spend time with your grandkids at least once a week? Do you still want to continue having a regular bonding time with them like how it used to? You can ask for visitation rights. On the other hand, if you wish to take care of your grandchildren and take the full responsibility as acting parents, you may also ask the court to grant you custody rights. How do these rights work anyway?

Request for visitation

Your first option is to file a ask for visitation. This can only be asserted the moment the court opens an action about a particular child or children. Through the help of your family lawyer, the assigned judge may grant you the permission. Assured approval to the ask may only happen if your family attorney is able to present documents that will hold you can keep the child or children's best interests in your care or presence. This right, however, can easily be taken back by the court the moment it discovers that your visitations are not in any way helping the child or the children to have his or her or their holistic growth.

Request for custody

Your second option is to file an appeal for custody. By this, it means that you will have the right to take care of your grandchild in your own home like his or her real parent. This right is much more difficult to have because it involves a lot of responsibilities - the ones that parents must to give their children. A family lawyer may tell you that your chances of getting the request granted are high if you have taken care of your grandchild for at least 6 months in your own home using your own money. In the same way, you can have the same advantage, giving the lack both biological parents.

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  1. Yes Grandparents should be given rights. Family Lawyers must be vary careful while dealing with cases regarding the rights of Grandparents. Grandparents have the right to appeal for the Child Custodyof their grandchildren.

    Nice informative article to read on, Thank you