Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Know Your Rights! Know When To Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney

Social security disability benefit provides disability payments on a monthly basis to those who are unable to engage in employment activities due to physical or mental issues. Have a social security disability attorney represent you for successfully winning the case especially when you are denied these benefits. However, for you to enjoy these benefits; there is a strict qualifying process that you need to pass. There are certain aspects a claimant must prove to the social security administration and this article throws lights on these pointers.

Qualifying process

In order to qualify for social security benefits, the claimant must prove to the administration that he or she is disabled as per the rules laid down by social security administration. Disability could be physical or mental and the claimant should not be able to gain from substantial employment activity. However, small amount of earnings from work can still qualify. A lot of time pin pointing the disability is somewhat skewed because on average 70 percent of applications are denied the first time. However, with the representation of an experienced social security disability attorney, you can convert denials into accepted claims either by reconsideration or through a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Another point to consider is that the claimant should be fully insured for social security benefits. You should have worked to earn 20 calendar quarters of coverage from 40 calendar quarters before you became disabled. This means if you have worked 5 out of 10 years before becoming disabled, you become eligible. If you fall below 30 years of age, you qualify with fewer quarters of coverage. When these eligibility criteria are met, you must finally prove that you are disabled. Benefits are available if you have total disability; If you are partial disabled it will not qualify. You have to be unable to find employment because of medically determined mental or physical impairment. This condition should have or continue to last for at least twelve months.

Legal representation by a social security disability attorney in proving facts

Due to specific significant aspects, you might consider having a social security disability attorney represent you. An attorney helps to gather the right material that is favorable to you in a court of law. It's important to define what qualifies as substantial gainful activity (amount of earning change every year, 2009 saw this threshold amount to be $980 per month), severity of impairments (medical proof of severity of the disability must be produced), listings of impairments (your disability should meet one of the set of impairments as published in the regulations), past relevant work (incapability to do any work you did in the past), other work (incapability to do any other work as well).

Strict guidelines are mentioned in grids that are social security circles. When work capacity, past relevant work, education and your age fit into one of the grids, the legal system determines if you are considered to be disabled or not. However, this is only an indicative framework and if you have other proof to produce, you can do so with the help of a social security disability attorney who can effectively represent you and win the case successfully.

Make an educated decision when looking for the right ssd attorney.

It's wise to know what you need to qualify, what to do if you've been denied a claim, and things to be careful of when filing. www.lawssd.com will break down each medical condition in an easy to understand way, and will help you win your claim!
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Getting What You Need: What to Look for in Divorce Lawyers

Divorce. It's not a word anyone likes to hear, but it is an unfortunate part of life. When your marriage goes sour, splitting up can be the only way to remedy your situation and move on. Unfortunately, there are many legal and financial intricacies to navigate during this time, in addition to the emotional stress of ending your marriage. You need the right divorce lawyer to help you jump these hurdles and create a smooth transition into the next stage of your life.

Most of us are familiar with billboards and commercials for sleazy divorce attorneys. Do not fall into a trap with one of these people just because they are affordable. A bad attorney can make the process more stressful, and might squander your chances to receive the right financial recompense.

Look for divorce lawyers who are truly experts in their field because the law is complicated. You should know whether your divorce is no-fault or at-fault. At-fault divorces are those in which marital misconduct has been committed by one of the parties. Determine which of these categories your divorce falls under and find the person who is best experienced in representing these kinds of cases.

Money is one of the biggest complexities of any divorce case. There are many law firms out there that specialize in the specific tax circumstances that arise during a divorce. This is so important, because even if you trust your spouse, finances can get messy once you decide to go your separate ways. You need experts who are experienced and assertive in getting you what you need. Be sure to keep this in mind when seeking out representation.

Another sticky issue in the divorce process is child custody. There are many concerns to keep in mind here, including the child's best interest, the role of the primary guardian's responsibilities, visitation and support, and the child's daily routine. Divorce lawyers that are well versed in these issues will be the most sensitive to the needs. A young person's life should not be hindered by divorce, and your attorney can play a big role in ensuring that this does not happen.

In terms of financial support, your lawyer should be able to help you calculate and plan for supporting a child of divorce. A good counselor will help you know your rights during this process, and will ensure that you attain the best possible situation moving forward for both you and your child.

Maybe more than anything, you want to find divorce lawyers who are sensitive to your personal needs. Divorce is emotionally tough for anyone to handle, so you want to be paired with an attorney who has the right disposition to guide you through it. Look for divorce lawyers who perform extra services, such as lecture on family legal issues. This shows that they are truly passionate about their clients and profession. Trial experience is also important, but so is compassion. Look for someone who will understand the fragility of this experience first, then allow him or her to help you with complex legalities.

For trusted and qualified divorce lawyers in Harrisburg, PA, residents can contact http://ssbc-law.com/pt-services/divorce-and-family-law.
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How A Workers Compensation Attorney Can Help You

If you have been hurt on the job due to the negligence of another party, a workers compensation attorney can be a substantial help. They can assist in obtaining the compensation that you seek. However, it is very important that if you are going to hire a lawyer you do so as soon as you can so he or she can start building a case on your behalf.

A lawyer can help make sure that you get the medical attention that you need. Some employers will want to send you to an urgent care facility or a clinic, while you may need more comprehensive care. If you have any sort of injury that affects the nerves, for example, you may need a specialist. There are many instances where nerve damage may not initially be diagnosed and will only get worse over time. A workers compensation attorney can make sure that you see a specialist immediately so that you can receive the best care possible.

A lawyer can also help make sure that you are not charged for certain forms of medical treatment that you receive, or for the costs of physical therapy and prescriptions. If your injury was caused by negligent operation of equipment or your employer provided an unsafe environment, then you should not be forced to pay out of your pocket for any sort of medical expenses. Your legal representative will put forth every effort to make sure that the employer pays for those expenses instead.

Sometimes, injuries can be not only physical but also psychological. You may be out of work for a long time, and the damage done to your finances can be extremely stressful for not only you, but also your spouse and family. Your self-esteem could be injured as well as your body, and this could evolve into clinical depression. A lawyer can make sure that you are paid for any psychological treatment that you may need.

You could be in danger of suffering lost wages for not just a few days, weeks, or even months, but for the rest of your life. An effective lawyer can help you negotiate a fair settlement with either your employer or the employer's insurance provider to make sure you are no longer under financial stress.

Hiring the right workers compensation attorney can help you heal emotionally while you heal physically from the injury that you have suffered. Take your time when choosing one, and don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you can think of.

When looking to hire a workers compensation attorney, Pottsville, PA natives should check out Freeburn & Hamilton. For more information about their firm, visit: http://www.pa-injurylawyer.com.
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Parenting Time Credit Toward Child Support

Since more parents are increasingly sharing custody, or "parenting time," many courts have been awarding a "parenting time credit" toward the payor-parent's child support obligation. With shared parenting, each parent incurs basic expenses for food and transportation when the child is physically with them. Also, when each parent provides the child with his or her own bedroom for overnight stays, such that the child basically has two households, each parent obviously incurs fixed residential expenses for the child.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hodson & Mullin Provides Effective and Comprehensive Family Law Services

The Family Law practice area is overseen by the firm’s managing Partner, John D. Hodson. Mr. Hodson was recently honored as Solano County Bar Assocation’s 2011 Attorney of the Year. Mr. Hodson is a member of the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists, has been repeatedly named a California Super Lawyer, and has served as Chair of the California State Bar Family Law Section and its Executive Committee (FLEXCOM). FLEXCOM is responsible for drafting and reviewing proposed family law legislation and directing California family law practice.

Our firm’s attorneys are committed to keeping abreast of current law and developments through extensive continuing legal education. Our attorneys do not simply meet the minimum educational standards, they strive to exceed them. The firm assists clients in a wide variety of family law matters. Our family law attorneys collaborate so their combined experience and expertise makes them ably represent clients in Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce), Establishment of Parental Relationship (Paternity), Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support and Spousal Support, Domestic Violence, Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements, Guardianships, Stepparent adoptions, Contempt proceedings, post judgment enforcement, mediation and other Domestic Relations matters. Mr. Hodson has also provided private Judging, mediation and arbitration services in many family law cases over the years.

Hodson & Mullin is committed to providing its clients with knowledgeable, pragmatic, ethical and efficient legal representation. The law and legal procedure can be very complicated. Hodson & Mullin provides information, education and advice about clients’ rights and options to guide them through difficult legal matters with confidence.

Every client’s case is planned with the parties’ specific needs and facts in mind. Hodson & Mullin encourages clients to preserve civil and respectful relationships, especially when the parties will be parenting children together. Our first choice is always the path of least resistance: negotiation and settlement. The wealth of experience behind Hodson & Mullin translates to a keen advantage in negotiating and settling disputes. Still, we have extensive trial experience and will zealously represent you if your dispute cannot be resolved by agreement.

Hodson & Mullin’s friendly and professional staff are committed to helping our clients through difficult times in their lives. Our team of experienced attorneys, dedicated Paralegals and expert consultants serve a diverse client base in all aspects of their cases. Whether you have decided to proceed with a case or just need information and advice about your family law legal matter, Hodson & Mullin provides effective and comprehensive family law services.

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How Does Your Age Affect Your Social Security Disability Claim?

Each year more than 2.5 million disability applications are filed with the Social Security Administration. Of these applications, only 30 percent are approved at the initial stage of the application process. The remaining 70 percent must appeal the SSA's decision to deny benefits or give up hope of receiving benefits.

Many people wonder why applications are approved or denied and whether or not age plays any part in the SSA's decision as to whether or not they will award benefits. If you have considered applying for disability and wonder how your age will affect your disability claim, the following information will help you understand what role your age plays in your ability to qualify for disability benefits.

Age and Social Security Disability

Age is not always a determining factor when it comes to disability applications, but many times it does play a part in the SSA's decision on whether or not to award disability benefits. This is due to the medical and vocational guidelines that are set forth by the SSA.

When the Social Security office reviews a disability application, certain medical and vocational guidelines must be followed when deciding whether or not to approve a claim. There are guidelines set forth that pertain to one's age, but that does not mean your age will automatically disqualify you from receiving disability benefits.

When the SSA reviews your disability application, they must determine whether or not you are able to participate in gainful employment. Even if you have suffered a disability that prevents you from performing your usual job functions, your age may play a part in determining whether or not you can perform other types of work.

Let's say, for example, that you have no experience other than construction work. If you suffer a back injury and are unable to perform your usual line of work you may want to apply for disability benefits. Even if your condition falls under Social Security's Impairment Listings, this does not mean you will automatically qualify for benefits. Your age may also play a part in the decision.

Using the above example, if you are over the age of 50 your chances of being approved for disability benefits would be much greater than if you were in your twenties or thirties. This is because it would be much harder for you to enter into a new line of work. If you are younger, the SSA would expect you to obtain the necessary work skills to perform other types of employment. On the other hand, if your disability prevents you from performing any type of work whatsoever, you would likely be approved for disability benefits regardless of your age.

Determining the Role Your Age will Play

If you are applying for disability benefits, it can be helpful to understand how the SSA views the different age groups and work categories. If you are younger than 44 years of age, the SSA will view you as a young individual. Those who are between the ages of 44 to 49 are considered younger individuals and those between the ages of 49 to 55 are considered to be advancing in age. If you are over the age of 55 when you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, the SSA will consider you advanced in age.

Along with determining your age, the SSA will also determine what types of work you can perform. There are four categories into which Social Security groups functional capacities including sedentary work, light work, medium work and heavy-weight work. No matter how young you are, if you are unable to perform even the sedentary level of work due to your disability, you will likely be approved for disability benefits.

What to Do If Your Claim Is Denied

If you apply for Social Security Disability and your claim is denied, it is in your best interest to file an appeal with the Social Security Administration within 60 days of receiving the decision notice. If you feel that your age has played a part in your denied Social Security Disability application and that the Social Security Administration did not fairly take into consideration your inability to perform any type of work whatsoever, you should retain the services of a Social Security Disability attorney. Your attorney can increase your chances of a successful Social Security Disability claim and will ensure that all aspects of your disability are taken into account during the Social Security Disability appeal process.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

How to Know If You Are Compatible With Your Divorce Attorney

Chemistry is needed in every partnership. Without it, there can never really be a certain understanding between the two partners. The relationship between you and your divorce attorney is nothing less than a partnership. Of course, the relationship is client-attorney, and the client may have the last say because he or she is the one paying. But you and your attorney are still considered partners. You have to work together to get the most out of the divorce. If the compatibility is absent, perhaps you think about your partnership with him or her. So, how can you tell if there's chemistry present?

You can mesh well

In short, you synchronize. You agree to almost everything. What happens when you don't synchronize? You argue. And, unfortunately, you can't solve nor do anything when you keep on arguing. When you finally did compromise on something, either one of you is unhappy or none is fully satisfied. How can you get a good compromise from the other party when you can't even resolve the internal issues between you and your attorney? You can only do two things. You can either work on your differences or find another attorney. It's won't be your loss. And this time, be sure that you can talk with you attorney for 5 minutes without raising your voice.

You respect each others differences

This is what I was talking about in the previous section. If you have worked on your differences, then the two of your can learn to respect each other. At least if there is respect you learn to listen and not just talk your arguments and theories away. The two of you should be considerate of each other. In order to do that, you have to remember these traits: respect, listening skills, and common sense. It's already given that your attorney should have common sense. If he or she doesn't have any, then he or she should have entered law.

Your attorney respects your opinion

Attorneys-especially arrogant ones-tend to become intolerable know-it-all. If ever your divorce attorney seems like he or she is full of him or herself, mark that as a red flag. Even though your divorce attorney is the expert when it comes to handling your case, he or she should also be sensitive to your opinions and feelings. After all, this is about you. And one more thing, you are the one paying your divorce attorney-not the other way around. You have the right to demand respect.

You have the same interests

Although this may seem immature, this kind of similarity helps in determining your chemistry. It does not matter if your divorce attorney is feigning his or her interest on the things you are interested in. at least there's an effort in his or her part to reach out to you and fill whatever gap you have between you. But, of course, it's still heart-warming and nice if you really do have common interests. If this is t he case, there's also a possibility of friendship even after the case already ended.

Find an Annapolis divorce attorney that's compatible to you. The attorneys of Wise & Donahue are flexible and can work with effectively with clients.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How a Divorce Lawyer Can Make Your Divorce Easier

During a divorce process, clients can choose to not hire a lawyer and just represent themselves. Yes, that is totally doable. However, there are advantages in letting a lawyer handle your case. I have summed up the advantages in an acronym of the term "divorce lawyer" itself. This is how a lawyer can make things easier and better for you.


Lawyers are trained to negotiate. In divorce cases, especially in the ones where there is dispute between the two parties, one can't expect to get everything that he or she wants from the separation. A good compromise is needed, and you need a good negotiator to get you a most favorable compromise.


In these cases, legal terms can't be helped. Of course, you already know what you're getting yourself into if you decided to represent yourself. But, if you don't have any degree or background in law, you will still have to look legal terms up. A lawyer easily interprets difficult legal terms in a way that you can understand right away.


You're lawyer automatically becomes your representative. If you are shy around people or if you can't collect your thought in front of people, your lawyer becomes your voice.


If you are a disorganized person, you need a level-headed mind to hold you back and organize things for you. When your mind is already in a state of panic, your lawyer will also put calm and reason in your hysteric mind.


During the separation, you might be the one who are at the disadvantage. In short, you might be the one who was dumped. A lawyer can be your personal cheering squad. He or she can help restore your self-esteem and your will to fight. Of course, this is entirely up to your lawyer's ability in encouraging and empathizing with clients and your willingness to share your hurt and insecurities.


When your lawyer has the rare trait of empathizing and caring for their clients, then you're in luck. Of course, you we have to concede that lawyers are cunning. They can fake caring as long as their clients pay big. That's why, when you've found a truly caring lawyer, it's considered lucky.


An experienced lawyer has already handled countless divorce cases before you. He or she can give you an insight as to how much you will lose or gain after the divorce is settled.


Your lawyer can lead you to the right direction when making a decision during your divorce. This is not hard for your lawyer to do since he or she is already well-acquainted with cases such as yours.


A lawyer is not only there to lead. He or she is also there to assist you in whatever choice you have decided on.


Those who already have a long career in divorce law are confident that they can share some wisdom regarding the matter. However, intuitive younger lawyers can also provide such help, depending on how well they understand the world of divorce and the relationships revolving around it.


Your lawyer can lead you to victory. Although compromises are often the result, there are moments when the client and his or her lawyer get everything they wanted from the separation.


When you win, won't you be proud. This is much helpful to those who were left by their ex-spouses.


When the client's demands are getting impossible, the lawyer reminds him or her of the issue at hand, who are involved, and what are the consequences of bad actions and decisions. Divorce lawyers keep clients grounded to the real issue at hand.

If you are looking for a reputable Annapolis divorce lawyer, Wise & Donahue will listen to your case and will immediately provide you with a capable divorce lawyer.
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Benefits Of Hiring A Workers Compensation Attorney

Many injured workers asked the question, why hire a work comp lawyer? There are many reasons to hire a workers compensation attorney however I'll try to summarize the most important benefits to hiring a work injury lawyer.

The worker's insurance company will have a work injury attorney assigned to defend them against you and your work comp claim. Their adjusters and work injury lawyers are highly experienced and will generally circle around you. An experienced workers compensation lawyer who only represents injured workers can make sure you are being treated fairly and receive the work comp benefits you deserve if you have been injured on the job.

A local and experienced workers comp attorney can assist you with selecting the right doctor, negotiate with the insurance company and represent you at the Workers Compensation Appeals Board. Most workers comp cases settle before trial, and an experienced attorney can get you the settlement you deserve. If your case goes go to trial, you are going to want an attorney familiar with that court with years of trial experience. Representing yourself is not recommended unless you have years of workers comp experience and knowledge.

Hiring an experienced workers compensation attorney is cheap. A personal injury attorney will charge anywhere from 33% to 50% of your final accident settlement. Worker's comp lawyers generally work for a 15% fee of your final settlement. Because of the attorney's years of knowledge and experience, the lawyer generally pays for himself or herself by the value they bring to the work comp case. If your claim is denied, a work injury attorney can definitely help you.

A reputable and local workers comp lawyer will be familiar with your regional Workers Compensation Appeals Board and their judges. The Appeals Board is the court where your case will be heard. The work injury lawyer will save you from the work comp paperwork nightmare which is part of the system. You will no longer have to deal with a workers comp insurance company as your work injury attorney will take over that task for you. You will not have to deal with work comp carrier any longer. If you have suffered a work injury, you already have enough to worry about. Your work injury lawyer can also help you obtain benefits if you are unable to work as a result of your work comp injury. Those benefits may be in the form of temporary disability from the workers compensation insurance company or in the form of state disability payments in your workers compensation claim is denied.

Hiring the right local experienced Worker's Comp attorney, preferably a member of the California Applicant Attorneys Association, can help you navigate your case from beginning to end for the best possible outcome for you.

The Law Offices of Cleveland & Metz are workers compensation and personal injury attorneys that practice in California. The Worker's Compensation and California accident attorneys at Cleveland & Metz are sustaining members of the California Applicant Attorneys Association, which provides the highest level of education for work injury lawyers and provide advocacy for injured workers in the legislature.
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