Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Consoling Effects of Having a Family Lawyer

Can you imagine facing a family fraud all by yourself? Can you see yourself surviving a divorce without someone at your side? Can you think of ways to overcome stress after your husband took all your properties? Can you imagine raising your child alone without any alimony from your ex-partner? You can easily say yes or no to the above-mentioned questions, but either way, it won't be easy anyway because reality says you cannot do everything all by yourself. No matter how empowered you are as a person, you cannot do it all alone. One option for you is that you can get yourself a family attorney. I don't see any reason not to.

Your confidante

The moment you hire a family attorney you also allow disclosing a part of yourself to him or her. Like what friends do, a lawyer and a client must become willing to exchange honesty and trust to each other. Although a lawyer-client relationship requires to keep up professional relations, in one way or another, you also have to learn how to make him or her an ever-loyal confidante even for just a short period, even just within the durations of legal proceedings you both will be facing. A good lawyer-client relationship is build on confidence to each other. Learn to have this kind of relationship when you find one!

Your diary

Your family attorney can become your diary for a certain period. Although this is the most abused advantage of having a lawyer to represent you amidst the family issues you face, telling your attorney details about the subject you are about to present in court can take your status somewhere great. The more detailed it is, the better. However, unlike a diary or a journal, you do not have to write. You just have to tell incidences to your lawyer that will give the both of you the advantage in court. Be detailed. Be truthful. Your point of view and your side of the situation matter.

Your hero

Lucky you if you have gotten yourself a lawyer that's updated, smart and excellent in his or her field. For all you know, it is your family attorney who will save you from long years of suffering for not fighting for your rights - and knowing them in detail. Sometimes people get blinded by the problem they face; they forget to find a hole that will let them escape from a lifetime of misery. That hole could be your lawyer and you'll be thanking us later for writing this article, assuming that this will change your mind about not wanting to get someone as a legal representative in the chaos you are in. Go. Just do it!

Your mentor

Little does everyone know that conversing with a family attorney can also be very informative and educational. You will be able to know the law better, including your rights and those of your loved ones. You will be able to maximize your self-protection instincts. You will be able to meet terms (legal ones) that you haven't heard of. You'll be taught to strategize so you will be able to get what you deserve.

Give yourself the privilege to experience the mentioned advantages of having a Maryland family attorney.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How To Find A Divorce Attorney That Is Right For You

A divorce lawyer handles the dissolutions of marriages for their clients. Unfortunately more than forty percent of all married people will need the services of a divorce attorney. Not all of these legal representatives are the same, so people in need of a divorce lawyer must compare the counselors they find to determine which one will be right for their divorce proceedings.

There are certain things that your divorce attorney must bring to the table in order for them to be the right legal counsel for your needs. Some of these things are:

• A price that you can afford

• Availability to work on your case

• A personality that you can work with

• Office locations that are convenient for you

• A good history of winning settlements for their clients

To find a divorce lawyer that is right for you there will be a need for some comparisons. You will need to ask friends, look in the phone book, look online, and watch television advertisements to discover the names of local counselors.

The location of your divorce attorney makes a big difference. You need their offices to be close enough to where you live that you can make it to meetings, depositions, and court hearings with little effort.

Your divorce attorney should be one that has the time to invest in your case. You can determine how much time the attorney has by asking them how full their dockets currently are. You do not want an attorney that has no other clients, but you do not want one that has to postpone your hearings, or shows up to the hearings unprepared to fight your battle for you.

You want an attorney that you can afford, or that is willing to let you make payments on your bill. This is one of the hard parts of finding an attorney because their fees are quite high. Be honest with the firms you visit about how much you can afford to pay. This will keep you from getting into trouble later on if you fail to pay.

To find the right law firm to handle your case you will need to make a list of at least ten names of local attorneys. Once you have your list you will want to visit their websites and find out as much information about them as possible.

You want to award each name on the list a set number of points for experience, location, availability, and price. Once you have done this then keep the top five scoring firms on your list.

Once you have narrowed the list to five you will want to start to make appointments to interview the attorneys. Most law firms will have free consultations so you can go in, talk about your case, and get an idea as to whether or not you are going to like the attorney.

Once you have visited the law firms and spoken to their representatives you will sit down with your list of five and narrow it down. Eliminate any divorce attorney that you simply did not like. Then rate the others according to the factors you deem to be the most important.

A divorce attorney will represent you when you go to dissolve your marriage. If you do not choose the right divorce lawyer you might wind up getting less than your fair share of the marital estate. You can get more information from Orange County divorce attorney and Orange County divorce lawyer.
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

FAQ's About Social Security Disability Benefits and Answers From Social Security Disability Lawyers

Question: I filed for Social Security Disability benefits and the Social Security Administration denied my claim. What do I do now?

Answer: It is not uncommon for the SSA to deny an initial application for benefits. If you get denied, you need to act immediately. You only have 65 days from the date stamped on the SSA letter denying your application to file an appeal and preserve your disability claim.

Question: If the SSA approves my application for disability benefits, what will I get?

Answer: Disability benefits may include Medicare health care insurance, individual benefits, and family benefits. Your monthly financial benefits will be based on the formula in the Social Security Act, as well as the amount that the federal government counts as your Social Security earnings from employment before you became disabled.

Question: How do I know if I am disabled for purposes of receiving disability benefits?

Answer: According to the Social Security law, an eligible disability means the "inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months or result in death." If you are not sure if you qualify, you should check with both your family doctor and our Michigan lawyers about a potential claim for disability benefits.

Question: I have not worked in recent years. Could I still qualify for disability benefits?

Answer: The SSA requires a specific amount of Social Security earnings, or "work credits," to qualify for disability benefits. As a general rule, if you worked for 5 out of the last 10 years, you probably have enough "work credits." You certainly should contact the SSA or consult with an experienced Michigan disability lawyer to find out whether or not you qualify.

Question: I have a serious mental or psychological condition that prevents me from working. Can I still receive disability benefits?

Answer: According to the Social Security Act, a "disability" can be either physical or emotional, or a combination of both. The key is that a doctor finds "objective medical evidence" that you your condition prevents you from working for at least 12 months.

Question: Can I apply for disability benefits on my own?

Answer: Yes. You can file your own application for disability benefits, and represent yourself in all legal proceedings. However, statistics show that people with legal representation, especially on appeals, win their disability claims much more often than those who try to represent themselves.

Question: I cannot afford to pay an attorney fee now. Can I still get legal help with an appeal of the SSA decision to deny my application for disability benefits?

Answer: Yes. Some law firms waive their attorney fees, unless they convince the SSA to approve your claim for disability benefits. If they win, their fee is defined by the Social Security Act and kept very reasonable.

Question: I was denied disability benefits last year, but my medical condition has gotten worse. Can I try again to get disability benefits?

Answer: Yes. There is no limit to the number of times you may apply for benefits. If you feel that you now qualify, you should file another application with the SSA.

Question: If the SSA approves my claim, how long will these benefits last?

Answer: You can get benefits for as long as you remain disabled from employment and meet all other SSA requirements. From time to time, the SSA may review the level of your disability by sending you for a medical evaluation.

Question: My disability was brought on by alcoholism or drug addiction. Can I still qualify for disability benefits?

Answer: Maybe. To determine whether you still have a potential claim, you should consult an experienced attorney. The Social Security law states that you cannot get benefits, if alcoholism and/or drug addiction is a contributing factor that is material to the determination that you are disabled. However, people who used to abuse alcohol or drugs can qualify for benefits, based on other unrelated and disabling health problems.

Attorney Marya Sieminski joined the Sam Bernstein Law Firm in 2003. She is admitted to practice law in Michigan state courts and in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated magna cum laude from Wayne State University Law School. Marya has worked as a trial lawyer for 10 years and exclusively represented victims in personal injury litigation and in workers compensation claims. She also was appointed by the Governor to serve on the State of Michigan Workers Compensation Qualifications Advisory Committee.
The Sam Bernstein Law Firm, our Michigan personal injury law firm, has protected the rights of the injured and disabled for three generations.
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

10 Tips for Winning a Social Security Disability Claim

1) See more than one doctor for treatment on a regular basis. While SSA takes your input into account, they really want to see evidence from more than one medical expert. One doctor saying you are too ill to work is helpful, but evidence from more than one doctor will help your claim gain much more credibility. Many claimants are not able to afford health care, or can only receive low-quality, low-income care. This suggestion may be difficult for many to execute, but it can help a lot.

2) Always follow-up. If you send documents to SSA or attorney, call them a few days later to make sure they got it. Call your local SSA office (not more than once every other week) to check the status of your claim. Don't just leave it up to your attorney's office, because you're able to be as involved in your claim as you want to be. The more involved you are, the better your shot at winning.

3) If your doctors cooperate, give them RFCs to fill out. These forms will give your doctor the chance to officially state his/her opinion on your conditions and how they limit your ability to work. This can be REALLY helpful, especially if you go to a hearing. Ask your attorney about these.

4) Anytime your contact info changes, call both your attorney and your local SSA field office to update that information immediately. Address and phone number changes cause a lot of trouble when offices try to contact clients and can't reach them. Missing mail or phone calls could mean you miss something important for your claim, such as a denial, a request for forms, or needed information.

5) Follow through on your treatment plan and stay away from illegal substances/abuse of substances. If your doctor notes that you haven't been taking your meds or following his/her instructions, you will likely be denied for "non-compliance" of treatment. Also, if SSA finds out about illegal substance use, that will probably hurt your chances of winning.

6) Immediately after going to a doctor's appointment, call your attorney and SSA to report your appointment. This ensures that your claim doesn't get decided without considering certain medical records. Basically, if you don't report your appointments, neither your attorney nor SSA will have any clue that they need to get records. If you're representing yourself, order medical records after your appointments and send them to SSA.

7) Keep track of your medical information. Keep a folder with business cards, discharge papers, and any other paperwork that will allow you to keep track of detailed hospital and doctor contact information, appointment dates, medication changes, and any other info related to your treatment. When you're speaking with your attorney or SSA, if they ask you for information about your appointments, you will be prepared. Saying, "I gave that to you already!" or just not knowing the info and not telling them will NOT help your chances of winning. You will probably have to repeat some info many times; please be patient.

8) Keep mail from SSA in a separate folder. Don't throw away mail from SSA! Records and dates are important, and at some point you'll want to know when SSA sent you a particular letter and on what date. They'll be sending you denials, explanations, forms, decision letters, and other important information. All of these are important to keep close at hand for when you need to refer to them. Many claimants are careless with these papers, throw them away, or will even store important mail in their storage units... this isn't helpful or smart.

9) Complete all forms from SSA with detail. Do not leave any blanks. Some of the forms have some weird questions--if you have trouble understanding them, ask your attorney. Don't expect your attorney to fill out your paperwork for you--their job is to check it over and make sure you didn't write any answers that will hurt your chances of winning. It's not their job to answer everything for you (the claimant should know their situation better than anyone else, unless they don't have the mental capacity to comprehend). If you have a difficult time reading and writing, get a family member or friend to help you.

10) Communicate with your attorney. Understand that they provide services to lots of people just like you. If you don't hear from them, call them about once a month to check status and update your information (call them after every appointment, though). Take control of your claim; understand that working with your attorney to make sure SSA has everything they need is about all you can do. At the end of the day, your claim is in SSA's hands -- and they take a long time! Unless you are truly in a worse situation than most other claimants, SSA is not going to hurry on your claim. Please be patient. Work with your attorney and SSA, not against them.

Want more tips and inside info about disability claims? Visit for the disability blog series, which explains the process, popular misconceptions, and tips for winning. Get the posts e-mailed to your inbox by signing up here:
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Tips For Minimizing The Pain And Expense Of Divorce

Divorce is typically known as an expensive and heart-wrenching proposition but it does not have to be as devastating as it often becomes. It is rare that divorce is mutually perceived as best for everyone involved, however, the few divorces that fit that description are usually the quick and inexpensive divorces clients desire. Alternatively, when children are involved, there are substantial assets at stake or where only one party wishes to terminate the relationship emotions run high in a divorce and when emotions rise the duration, cost and pain of divorce rises accordingly.

If only one party wishes to terminate the relationship, the other party is often hurt as they are facing the prospect of raising children, supporting a household and simply living on their own leaving them without a sense of security they have enjoyed throughout the marriage. They are also facing the stigma of divorce among their friends and family plus they may have strong religious beliefs contrary to divorce.

The party wishing to move on should do so with dignity and make a great effort to avoid any unnecessary emotional distress to the other party. Spending time publicly or in the presence of the children with a paramour, especially if there was an affair while the marriage was intact, is one of the best ways to ensure the other party seeks revenge in a divorce. The party who does not wish to divorce will be best served to rise above their instincts to seek revenge through financial devastation of the other party or endeavoring to prevent the other party from seeing the children.

When it comes to custody and parenting time, it is difficult for both parties and the children to face the prospect of no longer seeing each other on a full-time basis. However, if the parties work together for the best interests of the children and each other, they can often arrive at a parenting time schedule which is healthy for all involved. For example, if the parties work schedules include different days of the week, it would be most sensible for the parties to spend time with the children on their respective days off. Also, if one party remains in the school district where the family resided while intact, it is sensible for the party remaining in that school district to have the weekday overnight parenting time in order to make it easiest for the children to get to school as well as maintain existing friendships during this difficult time.

One frequent claim used to win favor in custody and parenting time battles is the unfitness of the other parent. Often parties will obtain experts to undertake evaluations of the other parent, at great expense, in an effort to prevent the other party from seeing the children. Divorcing parties should realize that the courts will always endeavor to continue and foster the relationship between the children and both parents. Unless one party was truly absent, abusive or otherwise dangerous to the children it is highly unlikely that one party will obtain sole custody and prevent the other party from enjoying liberal parenting time.

Finally, there are the matters of equitable distribution, or asset division, and alimony. Both parties should consult experienced family law attorneys, whether jointly or individually, to obtain a realistic view of how their assets will likely be divided by the court. An experienced divorce lawyer will be able to explain to you how assets will likely be divided and alimony will be established. A family law attorney should be able to help you construct a plan to divide assets in a way that will enable both parties to move forward with the least amount of financial devastation possible. This is not to say that it will be easy for either party going forward from a financial standpoint but it may be less difficult.

You may find yourself ahead of the game if you hire a lawyer who explains to you the expense of divorce and the fact that the more either or both parties fight for assets, alimony and custody or parenting time, the greater the expense of the divorce and the fewer assets both parties will have to move on with their lives after the divorce is over.

If you are considering divorce or merely seeking additional information regarding divorce, child custody, parenting time, equitable distribution or other family law matters visit
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Why You Need a Worker's Compensation Attorney

After working, day after day, you tend to ignore the danger signs of injury around your working area. For what if you have to change a light bulb in the office, step on a ladder and you fall? How will you pay for the medical bills that shall follow? Alternatively, what if you slip on a wet surface in the office kitchen, which causes you to be out of work for days, weeks or months? You do not have to be a labor worker to collide with accidents on the job. There are dozens of way you may be injured, and the greater knowledge you are able to gain about worker's compensation, the better prepared you are for the worst.

Many Americans are at their jobs for longer duration of time than at their own homes. Hospital employees work long shift hours, where the danger to exposure to hazardous materials is high. Others work in office buildings, where the offices may be undergoing remodeling leaving wires hanging out putting office workers at risk. You just never know what may occur at work. Thus, what do you do if something, unfortunately, does happen? Employers by law are required to safeguard against carelessness. Specific safety measures must be implemented at all times. However, if the company fails to comply with regulations, then a claim may be filed against your work.

Why do you need to file for worker's compensation?

It is important to file if you are no longer able to work. For example, if you are injured on the job and unable to return, then how will you receive income while being laid up? How will you still be able to live, pay your bills and provide a home for your family. Additionally, what would happen if hazardous work conditions caused you to suffer from an illness leaving you unable to work? How would you put food on the table? How would you be able to keep your home if a job-related disability left you incapable of working? These are all circumstances covered under worker's compensation. It is constructed to fill in the missing financial gaps.

So how do you file a claim against your work?

It is not a difficult procedure, but there are many details to the filing. If you are not familiar with the process, it may become too overwhelming. In addition, if you are not familiar with the law then you may be losing out via not utilizing it to the fullest potential. Consequently, some people do not take the initial steps to file for there is a common fear of being ousted by your employer. Along the same lines, some people are afraid of losing their jobs and/or being harassed at work if they follow through with worker's compensation. Thus, it is better to meet with a worker's compensation attorney.

A worker's compensation attorney will be able to guide you through the correct course of action. You need to find someone who is experienced. How many cases has the lawyer handled in the past? How many did he/she win? Ask for references. Find out what type of educational background has he/she earned? Once you find an informed and knowledgeable attorney, then the rest will be a team effort never leaving you to fight it alone.

Find a Virginia worker's compensation attorney [] or a worker's comp lawyer [] today.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Are Social Security Disability Benefits for You?

As they age, many people in the United States start thinking about how are they going to live after they retire. In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt started what is known as the Social Security Act, which today encompasses both social welfare programs and social insurance programs. These include Federal Retirement services and disability insurance, benefits for the unemployed, short term help for families in need, old age health care, medical assistance programs for states, children's health insurance, and supplemental income. The funding for these programs usually comes out of a worker's paycheck each month.

In order for you to qualify for social security disability benefits, you must meet certain requirements that have been set up by the Social Security Administration. You must have proof of your permanent disability or that your condition has lasted a considerable amount of time or is expected to last at least one year longer. You must also have your medical records and other medical paperwork up to date when you apply to show your disability. Then the SSA will decide whether your claim is legitimate and that you should receive the benefits. The disability that you claim must hinder you from performing daily tasks and prevent you from getting a job or furthering your education.

If you think you may qualify you need to submit an application to a Social Security office. This can be done in person, over the internet, or over the phone. If you have all the proper documents in order you should receive a response in about five months indicating whether you get approved or denied. If you are approved you will start receiving payments soon afterward, sometimes even with back pay if the approval process takes longer than expected.

If you don't agree with the decision that the Social Security Administration has come to, you can appeal the claim. Most claims will be denied the first time around because the less people that do get approved saves the government money. It sometimes does not matter how much documentation or how strong a case you may have and the appeals process may take several months. If your claim is denied, you have 60 days to begin the appeals process. If you decide to appeal, your claim will enter what is called the Reconsideration stage. If it is still rejected, you can then go before the Administrative Law Judge. Your final opportunity and best way to have your social security disability case heard is at the hearing stage where you may want to hire a disability attorney to advocate for you.

Whatever you do, don't give up on your disability. If you believe that you truly need the benefits then keep appealing until you have reached the end of the process.

Government offices giving you the run around? Get in touch with a Colorado springs social security disability lawyer. You are entitled to such funds, learn more at:
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Workers Compensation Attorney - The Best Way To Secure Your Rights!

Have you or any one of your family members suffered an accident at your workplace lately? Are you worried about the medical expenses? Don't worry, workers compensation lawyers can help you sail through the legal proceedings involved in procuring the medical costs. Hiring an efficient workers compensation attorney is a must if you want to get the medical expenses that you rightfully deserve. Given are some useful tips which will come useful while finding the right workers compensation attorney:

1. If you are injured at your workplace, seek out competent legal assistance of a skilled attorney as rapidly as possible. Your employers will fight the case and might try to prove you wrong by raising unethical evidences against you. It is important to hire an attorney who will defend your rights and achieve a successful conclusion of the case.

2. Your company might try to prove that they are not responsible for the accident. They have their own attorney who will try to prevent you from claiming your rights. It sounds unfair but the fact is that it's true. You will receive your due compensation with the help of a skilled attorney to put forward your case.

3. If they refuse to pay you any compensation, you have the right to appeal in court. Many people fear to go into legal complications and try to deal with all the expenses with the help of their insurance companies. But, chances are there that your insurance company might also try to prove that it was you who was at fault to save their own pocket. The best way to overcome such hurdles is to seek the help of an experienced workers compensation lawyer.

4. Your attorney will guide you through the correct course of action. It is essential to hire someone experienced otherwise the entire situation can turn out to be more problematic for you. Consult your worker's compensation attorney and find out how many cases he has handled in the past. What is his track record? Does he specialize in this particular field? Once you are well informed with such details, the rest will be a triumphant team effort.

So, are you looking for an expert workers compensation attorney? Iowa has plenty of options to offer. But, not all of them are capable of handling your case successfully. Visit to contact a reputed law firm that has been helping people to get their legal rights for over 60 years, as that's the amount of experience they have in the field. Workers compensation attorney Iowa - Lawyer Lawyer Dutton & Drake LLP's lawyer work hard to help anyone who falls within the categories of lowa personal injury & workers compensation.
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Selecting a Lawyer for Your Prenuptial Agreement

Marriage is considered as bliss and it is a long term agreement between two individuals, but you have to consider several things before getting involved legally in a marriage. Prenuptial agreement is a legal contract specifically designed to mention the liabilities and assets of the couples who are involved in the marriage. This contract enables the couple to get the necessary rights and assets in case of death of any of the partners or divorce. For creating a prenuptial agreement, it is better to take the help of a matrimonial lawyer to get the contract written in a way to get legally approved.

Selecting a lawyer for writing the prenuptial agreement is important as the laws behind the marriage contracts vary significantly from one state to another. You can do some research from your side to find information regarding the state laws associated with the prenupt. If you are not interested in doing the research, your lawyer will help you to understand the details of the law associated with prenupt. The lawyer will help you to create an agreement that meets the requirements of the state and at the same time you can include whatever you would like to include in the document.

It is better to have a lawyer for each partner because both of you won't feel that the other has an advantage in the prenuptial agreement. Before asking the lawyer to write the agreement, both of you should come in terms regarding the division of property and other liabilities that are to be included in the agreement. If you can provide a draft prepared by both, then the lawyer can prepare more balanced final document. You have to select the lawyer who is experienced and competent in matrimonial law and he/she should support both of you by writing a fair agreement.

Select a lawyer who will focus on various aspects of the prenuptial agreement positively. The lawyer should protect the couples from any kind of legal disputes from the side of their family members or business partners, if they don't have children to receive funds and inheritances. The lawyer should be knowledgeable about the prenuptial agreement laws of each state. In most of the cases, what one state is stated as positive may be stated as negative by another state. If you select a knowledgeable lawyer, then your document will be legally correct according to the law of your state. You have to select a lawyer to whom you can talk easily and who will plan the strategies according to your objectives. Before signing the prenuptial agreement, it is better to sign in front of the lawyer who reviews the document and the lawyer should also be concerned about your rights.

More information, please visit prenuptial agreement form [] and prenuptial agreement template [].
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Best Time to Consult A Social Security Disability Attorney

When you apply for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration collects your medical records and other information to make a decision about your case. If you want to file for disability benefits, consider hiring a social security disability attorney. The process is more complex than just filling out an application, and there is a list of advantages to having a lawyer by your side:

Benefits Of Hiring A Lawyer

Even if you are just considering the possibility, it's always best to at least consult a social security disability attorney. A lawyer can review your case and tell you if you have a solid claim to the benefits. It is possible to file the application yourself, however, having legal assistance on your side increases your chances of a positive outcome. A lawyer can move your case faster, if you suffer from a terminal illness or if you are in a rocky financial situation.


By federal law, a social security disability attorney can only charge 25% or less of your back payment. If your case goes to a federal court or the Appeal Council, costs can increase. In addition, many firms have a strict policy that dictates that if you don't win, you don't have to pay them.

What Are Back Payments?

Since there are a lot of people filing for these kinds of benefits, it might take a long time to process your application. There is a standard five-month waiting period to process your claim. If the processing goes beyond that, you are eligible to receive a back payment. You may receive the back payment anytime between the day you apply to the day the SSA decides whether they will grant you those benefits. Your payment will depend on whether you gain approval, the origins of the disability, when you applied for benefits, and on the five-month mandatory waiting period.

The Decision

The Social Security Administration will make a ruling on your claim based on five factors:

1) How much you currently earn a month: If you earn more than $1070 a month, you are not eligible for this program.

2) The severity of your impairments: In order to qualify for the program, your impairments shouldn't allow you to function physically or mentally. The SSA evaluates disabilities based on a scale from "not severe" to "incapacitating."

3) List of impairments: The SSA has an official listing of impairments and will compare your impairments with that list. In order to be considered disabled, your condition must meet or exceed the requirements of severity of that list.

4) Ability to do your job: The examiner must determine if your condition allows you to do your job. If your condition prevents you from doing your job, you have a strong case on your hands.

5) Ability to do any other job: The examiner must also determine if you can do any other job. Your claim will be denied if the SSA concludes that you're in a stable mental and physical condition, allowing you to do another type of work.

Don't forget that every case is different. If you want to know more, consult a professional.

When in need of a social security disability attorney, Harrisburg, PA residents can rely on Serratelli, Schiffman & Brown, PC. For more information, visit
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Wishing You and Your Family a Wonderful Year Ahead!

Happy New Year from Hodson & Mullin, Attorneys at Law!