Thursday, July 30, 2020

Workers Compensation Insurance Explained

Unfamiliar with workers compensation insurance? Learn the basics of workers comp, what it is, and why you may need it.

Monday, July 27, 2020

A Divorce Attorney Explains What's In a Prenuptial Agreement

Before this couple ties the knot, should they consider signing a prenuptial agreement? According to Vikki Ziegler, a divorce attorney who stars on Bravo’s Untying the Knot, it’s an important pre-marital step to consider.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Step Parent Adoption

If you are remarried and do not have a relationship with the other biological parent, you may be wondering if step-parent adoption is an option and how it works, among other things. Step-parent adoption represents a great chance for both you and your child (or children) to enjoy the increased security that comes with this legal arrangement. Studies have shown that there are tremendous psychological and emotional benefits to this type of family structure.

Simply put- a step parent adoption completely extinguishes the rights of the other biological parent and the step-parent becomes the legal parent of your child. In the event something were to ever happen to you, it would be the step-parent that would take guardianship of the child. While a step-parent adoption is not as complicated as other types of adoption, it is still a legal process that an experienced adoption attorney should help you with. This is especially true if there are issues with the biological parent, you are a same sex couple or you are in a situation where you each want to adopt children.

State laws vary by state and the sooner you get in touch with an attorney, the sooner you can celebrate this very exciting event.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Reasons A Parent Can Lose Custody

Child custody can get really messy and no parent would ever want to lose so watch out, here are reasons on how you could lose the battle.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

How To Win Child Custody

Winning child custody requires doing the opposite of what you expect. You are going through one of the hardest things you could ever face, and I have some advice that can drastically make things better, for you and your child.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Dealing With Debt From Divorce

Unfortunately, debt and divorce too often go hand in hand. In some instances, it was the debt that drove the couple to divorce. In other, it was the divorce that drove the individuals into debt. Whatever the cause, dealing with major debt amidst a divorce makes the already emotional process all the more frustrating. An attorney can help you get a handle on the debt and so much more.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Who Has Custody Of A Child Born Out Of Wedlock?

The law is clear that when a child is born within a marriage, it is the product of the marriage but that's not always the case. If you've got questions regarding a child custody out of wedlock, here's an informational video just for you.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Friday, July 3, 2020

Understanding the Social Security Disability Process

If you are going through the Social Security Disability process of filing a claim, it may be helpful to work with someone who knows the in's and out's of this complicated system

At Hodson & Mullin, we know disabled people need help. Faced with a possible lifetime of great physical pain and a frightening financial future, many are so overwhelmed they don't know where to turn. At Hodson & Mullin we not only understand, we effectively steer our eligible clients through the Social Security Disability application and appeal processes, with countless successful cases over the decades.

At our firm, a highly experienced legal assistant will spend a great deal of time working with you and gathering records and information to perfect your claim, but your legal questions will be answered by an experienced attorney.

We are registered with the Social Security Administration and when necessary, we appear at actual hearings throughout Northern California to present our clients’ cases effectively, with an eye toward the most favorable outcomes.

Most of our experienced legal assistants are fluent in both English and Spanish, so language is never a barrier to obtaining results.

We are happy to meet with you for an initial consultation without charge to you, and you incur no costs at all unless and until your case is resolved and you receive a settlement or benefits. Schedule an appointment with us today at our Vacaville or Fairfield offices!