Sunday, August 14, 2016

Social Security Disability Benefits Are Not Just for Seniors

Millions watched as Farrah star of the show, "Teen Mom" struggled to claim Social Security benefits for her daughter on behalf of the deceased father. Until she contacted an attorney, Farrah was unaware that her daughter could collect these benefits. Don't make the same mistake! Social Security isn't just for senior citizens. Social security is designed to cover a wide range of troubles.
Here are some less-known ways that you or your family may be entitled to benefits:
Family benefits: If you've been granted Social Security disability benefits, your children could be entitled to family benefits. They must be minor children still residing in your home, or under special circumstances, older but attend school or college.
Widow benefits: If you're a widow or widower and unable to work because of a disability, you may be eligible for certain benefits.
Supplemental Security Income: If you haven't worked long enough to be insured, you could be eligible for Supplemental Security Income. Most often, Supplemental Security Income applies to stay-at-home moms, younger people, and those who have just gone through a divorce without having the opportunity to work. Like Social Security disability, there is a test you have to take and you must provide medical proof.
Mental disorders: Many people suffer from depression. Let's be honest - mental disorders can be just as troubling as the physical ones. It can impair your ability to focus on tasks and remember procedures that are necessary for you to do your job. If you suffer from depression, anxiety or another mental disorder and it's debilitating enough, you could be entitled to benefits. You could also receive benefits if you have post traumatic stress syndrome or postpartum depression.
Neurological disability: Neurological conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, or a stroke could limit your ability to function in a regular 9-5 position. A person with such disorders might struggle to perform seemingly simple tasks like grasping a pen or speaking into the phone, which would make the search for just the right job that much tougher.
If one of these sounds like you, look into receiving Social Security benefits or hiring an attorney to find out what benefits you're entitled to. It's only a phone call away!

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