Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How to Successfully File For Social Security Disability

It can be very difficult to successfully file for social security disability benefits, but the rewards can be immense and more than worth it. If you have a condition that makes it nearly impossible for you to work, you have a legal right to some form of help. Even if you haven't ever worked--for any reason--you are still eligible. There is no shame in being unable to work.

Want to know how to successfully file? Read on.

You can easily review the eligibility requirements for social security benefits online, at SSA.Gov, the government site for all forms of social security benefits. You will have to make plain why you cannot work, what disabilities you have, and any of your current income.

Fill out Application
You can obtain an application online or pick one up at a Social Security Administration office in your city or state. If you are unsure on all the details, an experienced disability attorney can help you file. You can also ask for a health professionals help, though hiring someone is preferable because of the time involved and avoiding mistakes.

Gather Documents
You now need to prove you're disabled. This can and should include any medical documents proving your disability. For example, if you have a mental disorder, you would get prove from your doctor, who could show your diagnosis. As long as you have a doctor, have been diagnosed clearly, you should have no problems.

Gather Income
Papers Showing income can be much harder than proving a disability. For disability, your doctor can make the process simple. With some professional help, gathering proof of income can be much easier. You will need to show any income for the past 15 years, as well as any pay stubs within the last year. If you have a spouse, you will need to show his or her income as well.

Submit Application
Once you've filled out the application, gathered medical and income documents, you can file with the local Social Security office. Every state has them, and most cities do too. Your next step will be to wait for a response from the SSA. They will mail you a letter explaining appointment dates and what to bring. If you failed to show enough documentation, they will ask for that to be cleared up first.

Attend Appointments to Get it Done
Once you've shown the correct documentation, mailed in your application, you can meet with a Social Security caseworker. Be sure to make all your appointments for best service. They will ask for you to meet with their doctors to prove your disability, clear up any questions, and hopefully help you successfully file.

And Get Help
This process can be complex and cost you time. You will have to wait at least six months before any judgment will be made. If you are unsure of any steps, a disability attorney can be invaluable. This could be a life changing event, and making sure you get it right is worth investing the money.

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