Sunday, October 31, 2021

Being Bullied Into a Divorce Settlement Agreement that Does not Benefit you Just to Keep Peace?

I encounter people who often give up things that they should be fighting for in their Family Law case. I'm often having to remind them that there is a difference between being manipulated and compromising.

If you're dealing with a grown man or woman who will throw a temper tantrum every time they don't get their way, there's not much room for discussion to compromise. Your not asking for certain things in your divorce because you feel that the other side will have an attitude problem, will only leave you in a position that is detrimental to you.

The dangers of giving in to a manipulator or someone who bullies through their bad attitude is that they convince you that if you give in to one thing that there will be peace. It never stops at one thing, there's always something that the manipulator is angry about. If you continue to give in, you'll find yourself making decisions detrimental to your position.

There will rarely be peace when you give in to a manipulator. The problem is, you know this, but you continue to lie to yourself.

When dealing with someone like this, let your Attorney handle the issues of what you are asking for out of the divorce or family law case. Leave the discussions to the Attorneys. Let your Spouse know that you feel more comfortable speaking through the Attorneys.

I'm all for spouses speaking to come to an agreement, but not when you're the one being manipulated and bullied.

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