Thursday, July 11, 2019

Joint Custody and Equal Parenting Time Are Not The Same Thing

This comes up a lot in my practice. People come in to see me and they tell me I want joint custody and I don't think that they realize there are two aspects to custody. There is the legal aspect of custody and is there is the physical aspect of custody.

People often come in and they say I want equal custody or joint custody and they don't realize that there's more to custody than just that legal aspect. There's also the parenting time aspect and we're often than not when people come into me they say that they want joint custody they're referring to they want equal time or joint parenting time.

A person can have joint custody with the other parent and it doesn't mean that they get equal parenting time. A person can have sole custody of the children and still share equal parenting time with the other parent. So joint custody doesn't necessarily mean equal parenting time

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