Thursday, November 3, 2016

Finding a Lawyer For Your Social Security Disability Benefits Case

A majority of Social Security Disability cases are denied during the initial claim whether or not a claimant has a lawyer or not. After being denied, cases that are appealed usually go before an administrative law judge to determine if one should receive benefits. If you have been denied an SSDI claim, you may want (or need) to employ the services of a Social Security lawyer. While lawyers are easy to find through the Yellow Pages book or on the Internet, you may want to follow this guide to find the best representation for you.

Claimants usually hire lawyers because they do not know how to prepare a case before they attend a hearing. When finding a lawyer, first make sure the attorney you select specializes in Social Security Disability or Supplemental Support Income cases. This is important because you do not want to pick a lawyer who only occasionally works on Social Security cases. SSDI lawyers will have more experience working on those types of cases and provide invaluable help to your cause. Disability attorneys assist you in gathering all of your medical records, getting important statements from physicians and applying their understanding of regulations and requirements during the hearing process.

When selecting a lawyer to handle your case, make sure you are working with someone you are most comfortable with and trust. It's best to choose someone who returns your phone calls, is available and knows the Social Security Disability and Supplemental Support Income system.

Make sure you get the best representation you feel that you deserve. Remember that claimants do in fact win their appeal cases without lawyers, but disability lawyers are familiar with working on appeals. When appealing a disability case, it's best to have experience on your side.

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