Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Three Reasons Why a Divorce Attorney Is a Good Idea If You Are Separating

When a marriage breaks up, it is hard for the spouses and hard for any children involved. It can also make for a tough legal situation. People living together accumulate money and possessions and sometimes children and pets. If there is a lot at stake or a disagreement between the two parties, then it is essential to hire a divorce attorney. Here are some reasons why.

Family Lawyers Have Seen It All.

Going through a separation can be embarrassing, and sharing the entire situation with a stranger might seem intolerable. But any lawyer who deals with divorce most likely has seen it already. Everyone has heard the statistic that 50% of all marriages end in a separation. This means that on average there are over a hundred dissolutions every hour. No matter what your family or financial situation might be, the chances are good that a seasoned divorce attorney has dealt with a similar client. They will know how to handle your case.

The Lawyers Are There to Help You in Any Way.

When you hire legal representation during the dissolution of a marriage, they are not just there to get you as much money as possible. They are there to guide you through the process. With their experience, they may be able to give you suggestions on how best to discuss the separation with your children, family, and friends. They will recommend the best way to deal with joint custody, the division of assets, and other unpredictable situations that arise.

Experience will have taught them about the way cases tend to be decided, like how 75% of mothers are rewarded custody after a separation. It's also interesting to note that less than 30% of fathers who are awarded custody are also awarded spousal support, compared to 80% of custodial mothers. Your legal representation can help evaluate what options are available and what might happen in the courtroom.

Divorces Are Neither Short nor Easy.

When some couples decide to end their marriage, it's a mutual decision. They split their assets as evenly as possible and go their separate ways. Unfortunately, this is the exception rather than the rule. The average marriage dissolution in the U.S. takes over a year to be finalized. If a large estate or children are involved, it can take even longer. Trying to devote the time necessary to complete the paperwork and legal filings alone can be exhausting. Hiring a divorce attorney gives you somebody who will take care of these issues for you. They will consult with you and help figure out what it is you want from the separation, be it financial support, specific belongings, or custody. They will then fight for those things on your behalf. This allows you to focus on your own work and life during a difficult time.

In conclusion, it is difficult when two people decide to end a marriage. It is a time consuming, emotionally wrenching process. Hiring a divorce attorney is the easiest way to protect your own personal interests in the situation. They can help guide you through many of the legal and emotional pitfalls that you may encounter.

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