Saturday, June 27, 2015

Eight Workplace Injuries That May Require A Workers Compensation Attorney

Employees in any industry are exposed to workplace hazards that can lead to injury. A workers compensation attorney can help these people present their case and get the financial and medical benefits they need. While nearly any injury or illness may be represented, here's a list of eight of the most common types of cases that a workers compensation attorney sees on a regular basis.

1) Falls - This is one of the most common issues that occur for people who work in an office. In fact, the number of annual occurrences for office falls and slips is approximately 25,000 cases per year.

2) Burns - There are many types of burns, including those caused by chemicals, electrical exposure, and flames. Some examples of professionals who are a high risk for this type of injury include nurses, electricians, and those in the food service industry.

3) Crushing Injuries - This is a common office concern that may result from tall bookshelves being over-burdened and falling over. Office employees are eligible for the same benefits as those in other professions that may be considered higher risk, such as construction or law enforcement.

4) Heart Attacks - People who work in hard labor positions may be pushed too hard in extreme conditions, such as highly physical work in very high temperatures. These conditions can lead to a heart attack or other serious medical problems, such as hypertension.

5) Motor Vehicle Accidents - Employees in the construction field are often at risk of being struck by a motor vehicle. Whether the accident results in serious injury or even death, a workers compensation attorney can represent the injured party and his or her dependents to ensure they get financial support from the employer.

6) Foot Pain - Nurses and other professionals in the medical field very frequently experience foot pain due to the long hours they spend working on their feet. Those who work too many hours or who aren't given appropriate breaks and time off may experience unbearable pain and become unable to work.

7) Back and Spine Injuries - Employees in many fields are prone to back and spine injuries. Some of the most common victims include construction workers or physical laborers who lift very heavy objects, as well as healthcare professionals who stand on their feet for many hours every day. A workers compensation attorney will work with victims to gather information about the working conditions and hours worked when preparing a case.

8) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - This debilitating issue can stop a person from being able to work on the computer or do other necessary tasks associated with their job. Cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other repeated use injuries are often linked to poor ergonomics at a desk. This could mean typing at an awkward angle, repetitive and constant use of a computer mouse, or having poor posture at the desk.

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