Monday, May 4, 2015

Getting a Divorce? What to Look for in a Family Law Attorney

Going through a divorce is not something that anyone finds easy. By choosing the right lawyer, the process can be made easier. Finding the right attorney is critical to the outcome of the divorce and it is more than worth the time it takes to do it right.

What do you want?

What is it exactly that you want to accomplish? Are you going to have an uncontested divorce and if not, will there be the possibility of mediation? Has the relationship gone so far south that all you need is a true gladiator who can go and handle the bloody battle that is inherent in the divorce proceedings?

Are your affairs simple enough for any attorney with a basic understanding of the law and equipped with decent people skills can handle or do you happen to have property holdings that are complex enough to call for a lawyer with a financial and tax related awareness who can assist you in designing a plan that will get you the most after tax money? If you know what type of legal services that you are in need of then it will make shopping for an attorney more effective.

Once you have made a list of prospective attorneys, use these guidelines to screen them initially and narrow the list to only a few candidates.

  • Look at their biographical information. This can be found on their web sites. They should have experience in family law in the particular area that you need.
  • Google it. Search both the name of the firm that the attorney represents and the attorney him (her) self. Are there any FAQs, articles or anything else related to this particular attorney that offers you a measure of comfort?
  • Ask people. Ask about the specific attorneys that you are considering. Ask if they have ever heard of them and if they are familiar with any work they have done.
  • Contact the bar association in your state. Find out of the attorney(s) has a good record. This can also be done on the bar association's web site.
  • Yes, this is old school - check out the yellow pages in the phone book. Is the particular attorney you are investigating advertising there? If they are, is the advertisement tasteful, helpful or compelling?

Many times an attorney will spend a lot of time in court, which means that when you call you will be talking to someone else. What is the overall impression you get from this person? Are they well informed, pleasant, able to get you what you need? If not, this might be indicative of the type of service provided by the attorney too.

Use your gut instinct and your common sense to evaluate the attorneys who have made it this far. You will need to be comfortable with the attorney that you ultimately hire. You need to choose the attorney who you think can get you the best results. So, what are you waiting for? Get to researching!

Kathryn McDowell recommends you contact a family law attorney to protect your rights and help set up an amicable divorce settlement.
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