Friday, February 6, 2015

Top Benefits of Hiring A Social Security Disability Attorney

When you hire a ssd attorney to represent your claim for social security benefits, you obtain the added advantage of reassurance. Not every application gets successfully processed. On the contrary, many of them are denied and having a specialized attorney by your side can turnaround things effectively in your favor. Social security disability insurance, as a matter of fact, is a part of the Federal social security program that has been designed to provide monthly payments to those who have been deemed to be physically or mentally impaired and cannot gain from any substantial employment activity.

Need to hire a ssd attorney

To qualify for filing a claim you need to be eligible as per the criteria laid down by social security administration. When there is no disability insurance coverage available in your area, the only assistance that can be obtained is the state's assistance. But every year the state witnesses an overwhelming response in terms of applications thereby leading many of them to rejections and denials. Statistics show that more than 80% of the applicants fail the first time they apply. The process to proceed after a rejection is complex and therefore, many find the need to hire a ssd attorney. With the help of an attorney, you can increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

In the unfortunate case that your application is rejected, you have the right to appeal against the decision. You can do this all by yourself or seek help from a specialized attorney. The appeal process consists of

(1) Reconsideration that is done by a social security officer.

(2) The hearing is an opportunity to show more evidence and is handled by an administrative law judge.

(3) Appeals council review that is done when the decision of the administrative law judge is disagreed with.

(4) The Federal court is the last stop for disagreements and continues to prevail.

However, it must be observed that while the appeals process has been framed to offer just and equitable decisions to the public at large, you would still need an experienced ssd attorney to present your case effectively. This attorney can help in minimizing anxiety, stress and worry that are otherwise a part of having no legal representation.

What does your attorney do?

In the event of denial of your claim, a qualified specialized attorney will be able to provide representation and facilitate you in the process of appealing and can obtain both past due benefits and continuing awards. As already stated, at least 70 percent of initial claims are denied and you will likely have to go to a hearing. The role of your attorney is significant here since he understands important parameters that can lead to approval of your claim.

Adhering to strict medical requirements and producing sufficient proof that qualifies your disability is important. Documentation and other correlated procedures can be put in place with the help of your ssd attorney. When his services are so crucial, the need to hire one who is both efficient and with whom you can build a comfortable relationship becomes critical.

It's wise to know what you need to qualify, what to do if you've been denied a claim, and things to be careful of when filing. On this social security disability site you will learn about medical conditions to qualify, and will help you win your claim! Make an educated decision when looking for the right ssd attorney to help you win your claim.
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