Monday, July 14, 2014

How A Family Law Attorney Brings Families Together

It is easy to get the impression that a family law attorney is someone you consult with only when something has gone very wrong. For instance, a lawyer may be necessary in the event of domestic abuse, determining or collecting alimony, as well as child custody and support. However, this type of lawyer may be necessary in the process of preparing for, creating, and providing for the family you wish to have.

For an increasing number of individuals contemplating marriage, especially where both parties have professional careers and assets of their own, the first step in clearly communicating expectations and commitments is a prenuptial agreement. This legal contract can be used to specify how property and assets will be handled, not only in the case of divorce, but also if and when one of the spouses dies. These issues are not ones normally associated with the romance, good intentions and optimism that accompany the decision to marry. However, a prenuptial agreement is an act of recognizing of the practical aspects of marriage and a preemptive measure to solve possible misunderstandings and friction before they have a chance to occur.

For many couples, the ideal family is not complete without one or more children. However, the inability to have biological children of one's own can be a source of considerable emotional pain. Adoption is a win-win option for all parties involved. It can satisfy the yearning of the adoptive family while giving the biological parents, unable to take on the responsibility of a child, the opportunity to give their child a good life nonetheless. However, adoptions frequently involve more than one jurisdiction. Plus, protecting and balancing the rights of the adoptive parents and the biological parents must be carefully navigated. A family law attorney handles all the legal aspects of adoption, ensuring that you and your child begin your relationship with as little stress and difficulty as possible.

All families must one day face the death of a beloved parent or grandparent; this is an unavoidable life passage that is difficult to bear even under the best of circumstances. Dealing with contentious issues surrounding the distribution of your loved one's estate can be an insurmountable task at such an emotional time. A family law attorney can be particularly helpful in quickly sorting out the rights of all parties, including the executor, heirs and any legatees challenging the speed or substance of administration of the will.

In short, regardless of what stage of life you have reached, you have a trusted and knowledgeable resource available to you in times of conflict, confusion and contention. Working with a family law attorney will help you understand applicable statutes and regulations and avoid or quickly resolve undesirable legal entanglements.

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