Friday, May 30, 2014

Social Security Disability Benefits: Ten Tips That One Must Consider

Undergoing the whole process involving Social Security disability benefits is often described by many as exasperating and lengthy. The fact that 70 percent of applicants are denied at the initial application stages of filing a disability claim best describes this. Undeniably, because of this, it can take an applicant months or even years before he or she can finally receive his or her much-needed disability benefits.

It is very important then for the first-time applicant to be fully prepared and have a complete perspective of what the whole process is all about. Here are some of the ten tips that must be considered when venturing on the long process of Social Security disability application. These tips generally apply to the two programs of the Social Security Administration (SSA), the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

1. One should be able to understand the application process as provided by the SSA. At the onset of the disability or medical condition, the applicant must immediately apply for either SSDI or SSI either online or in person.

2. The applicant must prepare for the application process. He or she must have the entire paperwork ready, including medical and employment records and doctor's statements, for submission.

3. He or she must be able to understand the difference between SSDI and SSI. Although the acronym sounds like they are the same, they are two different programs, each with their own set of criteria but still leaning on the concept of disability.

4. Being honest is important when dealing with the Social Security application process, especially concerning the ability to work and the severity of the medical condition.

5. While waiting for the result of the application, the applicant must still undergo medication. The SSA may think that your medical condition is not that severe, therefore denying your application.

6. If the disability is denied, he or she must not lose hope or panic. There is something called the appeals process which an applicant can undertake.

7. As such, once the applicant receives the letter of denial from the SSA, that person must immediately file for an appeal.

8. The applicant must be able to cope with the stress that comes with the whole application process and the appeals process.

9. To ease the burden, he or she must consider hiring a disability attorney.

10. When undergoing the appeals process, the applicant must be able to gather evidence that will support the claim that was being, made and that he or she entitled to receive disability benefits.

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